Sunscreen combatting acne

The Best Sunscreen for Acne Prone Skin and why it should contain Zinc

Zinc, absorbed topically and orally, has treated acne patients since the 1970s. Zinc is a natural mineral in your cells that aids cell growth and division, immune functions, and protein production. Yet, because your body does not naturally produce it, you must acquire it through supplements and food. Applying zinc topically prevents bacteria growth and boosts barrier protection to create strong and healthy skin.

Let’s look at the different types of acne and how zinc heals them:

Whiteheads and Blackheads:

  • Whiteheads are raised bumps on the skin occurring when oil glands become clogged. They cause scarring due to squeezing when they are not ready to pop. Remember not to pick at whiteheads. Instead, use a suitable product to heal them on their own.
  • Blackheads are flat dark marks when bacteria build up in the hair follicles or pores. They can create future scarring due to the depth of the wound. 

Papules and Cysts:

  • Papules are inflamed spots with red rings caused by infection and have either white or yellow heads. They can be sore and take a few days to surface and heal. These can cause scarring on their own and create a rough skin texture.
  • Cysts are more prominent and much more profound than papules. They are painful, stubborn, and difficult to remove, leaving scarring and inflammation. If you pick at your skin, you can cause bacteria to spread beneath your skin, and a larger cyst may form.

How zinc can heal acne:

Zinc assists with barrier protection, which strengthens your epidermis (outer layer of skin). The stronger your epidermis is, the less likely you form black/whiteheads.

Sebum is the oil in charge of naturally protecting your skin’s barrier. Although sebum is good for your skin, due to hormones and stress, it can overproduce oil and cause acne. Do not excessively wash your face when you have overactive oil glands. Instead, use the correct products when targeting this problem. Excessive washing can cause your oil glands to overproduce, creating a problematic outcome. How can zinc help?

  1. Zinc is known to disable the overproduction of oil by balancing out estrogen, the hormone responsible for sebum.
  2. Zinc fights against bacteria, reducing infection and inflammation.

Let’s look at the difference between zinc supplements and topical zinc.

Zinc supplements vs topical zinc

We suggest taking both zinc supplements and applying topical ointments externally. It will aid in fighting against bacteria, scarring, inflammation, and overactive oil production.

At, we have infused topical zinc into our Sun Protect to coat the skin and leave long-lasting healing properties to rejuvenate your skin throughout the day.

How long does zinc take to heal acne?

Our core belief about healing acne is that it takes time and patience. Taking zinc as a supplement and using our Sun Protect can take up to three months to treat your acne, based on a clinical study. The study showed healing occurred for patients with mild to moderate facial acne. They took oral supplements and applied topical zinc ointments to assist with their recovery.

Our research (through our care consultations) showed us that daily use of the incorrect sunscreen causes acne. As mentioned before, efficient sunscreen coats a layer of your skin to protect you from UV rays. The coating should last 8 hours, depending on your daily activities and how much you sweat. 

Having ingredients in your sunscreen that are not tailored to fight acne will produce breakouts because it won’t protect your skin barrier and block your pores. Dermatologists call this non-comedogenic sunscreen.

Our sunscreen, with the help of zinc, has been created to fight against acne. So your skin is left rejuvenated and strong. Remember, acne healing without patience is not sustainable.

Creating hygienic daily habits will also assist with your acne healing. Additionally, using the correct products, drinking water every day, applying sunscreen, and not touching your skin are small ways to improve your skin health. 

We want to teach sustainable acne healing that lasts for years to come. We want to create a new generation of South Africans who understand how to heal acne in a lasting way. 

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