Skincare Science Unveiled: Ingredients and Products for Acne Healing

We have written this letter to you, our skincare lovers, hoping to bring you into a greater understanding of which products/ingredients are needed to heal acne.  

We have spent months researching, capturing data and gaining insight into how to serve you better. We have learned explicitly that people are confused about how to look after their skin, given the rise in social media with everyone claiming to be an ‘expert’. 

This year, we have taken particular time to teach the bones of good skincare. Your skin is unique, and knowing your skin’s struggles is 50% of your acne healing. Growing in your knowledge about how to look after your skin and which products will heal your acne is essential and only something you can do. Only you know how your skin responds to everyday life. Only you can take steps towards your skin’s health. 

That is why we say, “Let’s partner together.” Combine our knowledge in skin science, ingredients that have healed acne for years, and a greater understanding of your skin and its needs, and you have a winning combination. A partnership unlike any other skincare brand. 

We don’t want to tell you what to do – we want to listen, ask the right questions and then guide you accordingly. Once our clients follow the correct skincare regime and partner with the corresponding products, they see a healthier skin and understand how to handle it. Our partnership is about helping you to discover your skin’s healthiest version. 

We want you to know your skin so well that, once your skin is healed, you never need to use our products again. We hope to encourage you on your journey to skin health and to celebrate with you once your goal has been reached. 

If you do not know your skin type, it may be helpful for you to read our previous blog in which we looked at the different skin types before you continue.

  • Normal / Combination skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Problematic Skin

It will benefit you to understand the ingredients which we believe are the leaders in healing acne. We will explain more about them in our products below and how they can best serve you. 

Our Products and their Ingredients 

Understanding Prebiotics

Over the past ten years, dermatologists have collaborated and determined the effects of probiotics and prebiotics on acne. Our skin has a natural layer of good bacteria (probiotics) that assists with acne prevention, amongst other things. However, the sun’s UV rays, incorrect skin care regimes and habitual face-touching can all strip skin of its natural bacteria, leaving you with a weakened skin barrier. 

In order to understand prebiotics, we first need to understand probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria naturally found on your skin which help to fight off eczema, dry skin, acne etc. But in order for probiotics to work, they need to be fed. Prebiotics feed probiotics. Strong, resilient skin with a robust immunity is thanks to our skin food: prebiotics. 

Each of our products contains prebiotics, which assist your skin in its fight against harmful environmental bacteria. We include them to help fasttrack your skin’s recovery. 

How long your recovery takes depends on what type of acne you have, which is another key question that needs to be answered. If you have severe cystic acne, your skin could take up to six months to a year to heal. If you have minor, occasional acne, it could heal in three months.

We believe in skincare that works for everyone, and we achieve that by including prebiotics. 

Benefits of Prebiotics:

  • Keeping pores clean and healthy, which is essential for acne-free skin
  • Hydrating skin and helping it to retain moisture
  • Fostering firm, glowing skin to protect against UV rays

Understanding Our Products for Your Skin Type

1. Cleanse


  • Exfoliator – natural fruit extracts
  • Collagen – to firm and tone skin
  • Hyaluronic acid – to retain moisture
  • Prebiotics – to gently clear acne-causing bacteria

Our cleanser has been formulated with natural compounds to fight against acne-causing bacteria and nourish your skin. Over the past decade, we found that certain acne products are harsh, stripping skin of all its oils and nourishment, thus leading to acne and problematic skin. 

We have combined these ingredients to formulate a cleanser that kills bacteria, clears excess oils without excessively drying out your skin, and soothes. A product that is tough on acne but gentle on your skin.

Our cleanser can be used on all types of skin. The usage frequency varies, depending on your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, once a day is sufficient, but if you have oily skin, using it twice or three times a day is acceptable. It all depends on your skin’s specific needs.

2. Treat


  • Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) – to target acne bacteria
  • Prebiotics – to help restore the skin’s microbiome
  • Antimicrobials – to reduce inflammation and soothe skin

Benzoyl peroxide has been used for over three decades and is well known to assist with healing acne. This ingredient is known to work through the layers of skin, any lingering bacteria and closed pores caused by oil and dead skin cells. Treat has been created to balance out the harshness for which benzoyl peroxide is known. This product opens up the skin and kills future and current acne. 

Our aim with Treat is to keep the skin’s strength high but to balance it out with prebiotics, collagen and antimicrobials – removing debris from your skin while nourishing it at the same time. 

Treat can be used by anyone over the age of 16. We are given a few different ways to use it:

  • After you have used the cleanser, apply Treat and rewash your skin with it.
  • Use it as a bi-weekly mask by leaving it on your skin after the cleanser for as long as your skin can handle it before washing it off.
  • For people with a sensitive skin type, mix Treat with the cleanser twice a week and wash your face for a little longer than normal.
  • Apply it as a spot treatment on stubborn acne spots.
  • Women prone to hormonal acne should apply this product a few days before their period starts. This kills and stops any potential bacteria/pimples from forming. 

Some people do all of the above, because they are aware of what their skin needs and when. 

3. Moisturise 


  • Hyaluronic Acid – to heal wounds and scars, prevent blocked pores and retain moisture to heal your skin barrier. 
  • Squalene – to restore moisture in the skin and reduce inflammation and redness.

A much-loved product of ours, this can also be used by all skin types. It is a lightweight moisturiser created to retain moisture and to assist with healing both the skin’s barrier and any wounds caused by acne. 

Clients with severely oily skin and extremely dry skin have used it. How you apply it depends on your skin type. For dry skin, we suggest a double pump of Moisturise massaged into the skin until it has been fully absorbed. 

4. Maintain 


  • 10% Glycolic Acid – to exfoliate, remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, and renew the skin. 
  • Prebiotics – to feed good bacteria (probiotics) found on the skin. 
  • Squalene – to restore moisture and reduce redness and inflammation. 

Maintain is an exfoliator/home peel containing 10% Glycolic acid. It smoothes skin, removing all traces of dead skin cells and refining your skin’s texture, inviting new skin to the surface. It also penetrates deeper than your everyday cream, through the different layers of skin, healing emerging skin layers (the skin you will see in a year’s time) and healing past skin trauma, wrinkles and a broken skin barrier. Glycolic acid and squalene work independently to lock in moisture, but together they are skincare superheroes that renew the skin. 

Keeping moisture within the layers of your skin naturally prevents a wide range of skin ailments, allows for better blood flow, keeps pores small, and assists with balancing facial oils. 

Who can use this: This product is for everyone, but not for every season. Maintain is used after your skin is healed from acne or for people with a mild form of acne. This product cannot be used with any form of benzoyl peroxide (Treat), as it will break your skin. 

5. Sun Protect


  • Zinc Oxide – to heal wounds, assist with absorption and soothe dry, sore and inflamed skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – to heal wounds and scars, prevent blocked pores and retain moisture to heal your skin barrier. 
  • Prebiotics – to feed good bacteria (probiotics) found on the skin. 

Our formula is made with a combination of zinc oxide and hyaluronic acid to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. It is also enriched with prebiotics, which support the health of your microbiome. This is important, because it can prevent acne breakouts and will help to maintain healthy skin.

Sun Protect has been created for everyone, even if you don’t battle with acne. It is an acne prevention cream with healing properties for sun damage and doesn’t clog pores.

Discover which products would best suit your skin type: 

CleanseTreatMoisturiseMaintainSun Protect
Normal/ Combination Skin

The importance of understanding Problematic Skin:

Problematic skin means that there are other skin complexities alongside the acne, which can delay and create challenges around healing the acne. Clients are often fearful of skincare products. If you have rosacea acne, for example, you will need to be a lot more gentle with most products you use and increase your skin barrier treatment for optimal skin health. You may also need to focus on the rosacea for a few months before tackling your acne healing, and that is okay. 

You cannot compare your healing journey with anyone else’s. You will be healed when you are healed. But partnering with the correct products and growing in your understanding of your skin type and its needs while diligently practicing what works for you is the path to long-term healing. 

We trust that this has helped to expand your knowledge around how to heal your acne. If you would like to chat more about this, we would love to help you on your journey by guiding and assisting you with any current skin challenges, so please schedule a care consultation with us. We believe in a clear skin for everyone. 

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