Skin irritable and under attack? Meet the skin hero

As a company, we pride ourselves in not only being at the peak of skincare innovation but also care about our clients on a personal level. Over the past few months, we’ve had a number of care consultations with clients, these intimate one-on-one’s are where we get to know the people using our products. 

We learn their history with acne and their daily cleansing routine. This enables us not only to be a company but also a community. Real people, Real stories. We have found it incredibly encouraging to note how acne can be healed ‘naturally’ and in a holistic way. 

People with mild but consistent to severe acne have the same task at hand. Our advice? Be patient, do your homework and trust the process. A holistic approach with the correct products can be the answer – we have seen many overcome the challenge of problem skin this way.

Understanding the skin

Your skin is the largest and most important organ. It protects you daily and fights against unseen elements that attack your skin. Your skin’s reaction tells your body that something is not aligned. Trying to figure out what is wrong can be a lengthy process but is definitely worth it. Learning to look after your skin is a part of life. 

Your skin has two functions, to keep harmful elements away from your organs and to hold your body’s moisture and tissue. This is the outer layer known as the epidermis, it is what you can touch and feel. The epidermis protects your body from losing collagen, keratin, and water. It also houses your hair follicle, sweat glands, fats, connective tissue, and cells (your immune system). For something so thin, it is protecting a lot and should be looked after well.

Another name for the epidermis is your skin barrier. The outermost layer of the skin that fights against bacteria, chemicals, toxicity, allergies, UV rays, and pollution. When the skin barrier is weak you may notice the following side effects:

  • Sensitive skin/eczema 
  • Acne 
  • Rashes
  • Dry skin/redness
  • Ageing

In our experience, many people battle with a weak barrier but have no idea. When your skin barrier is fragile it is cracked and broken, leaving your skin vulnerable to daily life.

When it is cracked, your skin will welcome bacteria into your tissue and cause a pimple. A pimple can be as painful and treated with as much delicacy as a sore on your arm. Both need to be disinfected and treated correctly.

Acne may be a symptom showing of weak skin that is not fighting against bacteria or storing moisture that helps the flow of blood and oil glands. Due to the lack of moisture, your oil glands could be overactive. This causes a build-up in oil, where bacteria and dead skin cells will collect which causes a pimple.

How to create a stronger barrier? 

With consistent care. Most people with a weak barrier have to manage it for the rest of their lives. Luckily, out of all the skin conditions, it is the easiest to manage – with quick results. 

Barrier cream is just a fatty cream, it helps to lock in moisture and keep your skin strong and hydrated.

How you respond to your skin can cause a weak barrier, here are some causes and ways to combat weak skin. 


  • Excoriée – Acne excoriée is known by psychologists as excessive picking, scratching, and touching your skin which causes bacteria build-up and acne.
  • Incorrect Skin Care products – harsh products could dry out or overwhelm your skin. If your skin is feeling tight, sore, and sensitive to the touch – you are using the incorrect products.

Treating skin

  • Water intake – your skin is made up of 64% of water. It assists in the flow of your blood cells and keeps your body going. Water also assists in producing a strong skin barrier from the inside of your skin. A lack of water, makes your body draw water from your organs. Remember to drink between 6 – 8 glasses per day.
  • Gentleness – being harsh with your skin, how you wash it, dry it and apply makeup or skin-care products can result in a weak skin barrier. Remember to pat your face when drying it and try to not touch it during the day. 

Recommended products to building the skin barrier

‘Maintain’ (10% glycolic acid with squalene)

You may have seen glycolic acid and wondered if it works? It is our hero product. Glycolic acid has been used for years to boost collagen in your skin and restore moisture by absorbing your skin’s natural moisture, it is also an exfoliator. It gets rid of debris in the skin, allowing moisture to penetrate the skin.

The use of ‘Maintain’ is encouraged once your acne has healed and you want to maintain your new improved skin. 

We have added squalene to retain moisture the perfect ingredient alongside glycolic acid to create a stronger and durable skin barrier to fight against the elements. In conclusion, the best thing you can do for your skin.


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The Water in You

Glycolic Acid

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