Moisturise – luxurious moisturiser for Acne-prone skin

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  • A luxurious, silky smooth and lightweight moisturiser
  • Iris extract and Hyaluronic acid reduces pore size
  • Combat acne bacteria with Prebiotics and Squalene
  • Reduce inflammation with Zinc and Vitamin A


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A luxurious, silky smooth and lightweight moisturiser that will make you feel like Cleopatra bathing in a bath of milk and honey.

It’s the warm blanket to keep your skin nourished and protected from unwanted Acne bacteria. It’s the perfect moisturiser to use directly after using the TREAT powered by Benzoyl Peroxide (5%).

You’ve targeted the bad Acne bacteria and now it’s time to lock in the good bacteria with Zinc, Vitamin A and Squalene.

So, what really causes Acne?

Excess oil, acne-causing bacteria and inflammation are the main culprits. To effectively tackle your Acne, you need to treat all three. Unlike most Acne treatments treats your acne effectively while maintaining the good bacteria, locking in moisture, removing excess oil and reducing inflammation.

This face moisturiser uses a formula that’s designed to be more hydrating, smoothing, help your skin heal and prevent future acne breakouts. It’s lightweight, easily absorbs into your skin and does not clog your pores.

The breakthrough formula is deep-moisturizing and thanks to Squalene, this amazing ingredient can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, which helps restore suppleness and smoothness while also delivering much-needed moisture to your skin.

Iris Extract and Hyaluronic Acid improves skin tone, lowers oil secretion, and reduces pore size and blemishes by removing bacteria, preventing future acne breakouts.

Zinc fights inflammation and reduces skin redness and Vitamin A helps fight cell damage caused by sun exposure or pollution.

Prebiotics help your skin’s natural microbiome heal itself by fighting off bad bacteria and encouraging good bacteria to flourish.

Apply the moisturiser both in the morning and the last thing at night to provide your skin with lasting a barrier to lock in moisture and keep out the bad acne bacteria.

Contains Prebiotics, Iris extract, Zinc, Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene.

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1 review for Moisturise – luxurious moisturiser for Acne-prone skin

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