Prebiotics, clear acne naturally

Prebiotics, the secret ingredient that makes our acne treatment so gentle on your skin.

Some say it’s mystical, others say it’s a coincidence, but it ultimately boils down to science. Growing research suggests that skincare products with prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics help get healthy microbes back into balance.

A balanced microbiome may help reduce eczema, acne, dry skin, and even wrinkles and skin cancer risk linked to UV damage.

Enter stage left, Prebiotics…

Prebiotics you say. Yes, prebiotics, the friendly social cousin of probiotics.

Prebiotics are essential in the development of probiotics. It provides the necessary nutrients for probiotics to flourish. Once you create the right environment for probiotics to flourish they provide numerous benefits for your skin to be healthy :-

  • Keeps pores clean and healthy, which is essential for Acne free skin
  • Skin stays hydrated and retains better moisture
  • Firmer and glowing skin to help with UV protection

We know that Acne is an inflammatory condition. Once your skin is inflamed, Acne runs a rampage.  Probiotics are the firefighter of inflamed skin. For our beloved firefighter to go to action, we need to feed it prebiotics.

There are two ways that you can provide your skin with prebiotics. Take vitamins and supplements that contain pre/probiotics or apply the prebiotics directly to your skin. No need to purchase an additional cream, our Acne treatment has the prebiotics built in. And works fast, applied directly to the skin.

“For skin, probiotics work in a similar way as they do for the digestive system,” explains New York dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco. “They help it [to] remain in a balanced state.”

Dr Francesca Fuso

Surface-level, this translates to a complexion that’s not too dry nor too oily, and skin that can effectively repel the environmental conditions that cause inflammation. In other words, if you want a flawless glow, nurturing your skin flora is the place to start. From maintaining a healthy bacterial balance in the skin to treating flare-ups and breakouts of all sizes, here experts weigh in on why a probiotic-laced skin-care regimen actually works.

By combining prebiotics in our cleanser, treatment and moisturiser, we’re providing the building blocks for probiotics to flourish. Making our treatment a balanced approach to treating Acne. While the treatment effectively targets acne breakouts, we provide your skin with the necessary nourishment to heal and restore itself.

With prebiotics, we’re adding the Yin to our Yang of Acne treatment.

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