Need a new makeup technique for acne-prone skin? – Part One

Kristin Swan here

Today this makeup look has more to do with technique than dramatic makeup, although when desiring to feel spicy, this is my go to. 

Firstly, who doesn’t love a scented candle, secondly remember to wash your hands and use clean brushes.

With this look, you will find me using my fingers and only one makeup brush.

Please excuse my finger, I locked it in a door and it’s still recovering – send help.

I like building my shimmer underneath my makeup – it leans towards a natural finish

I generally mix moisturizer and my foundation for again, a natural finish – today I am partnering with Sun Protect (my absolute favorite)

Now this is the technique I was talking about. 

Place, dab and repeat.

Place the foundation evenly with either a brush or your finger, one section of your face.  Take your brush, holding it further back and dab, dab dab

You can also see I am dabbing with circular movements and using a fluffy brush. Why do I do this ?

Even application and you will find you will use less foundation. 

You will have to go back and make the Foundation is even in places it’s not.

Now it’s time to watch the movements while I use colour correction under my eye

I occasionally use lip liner instead of lipstick, it lasts longer. An excellent tip for people who are not a fan of lipstick.

NOW FOR THE SPICE. I love glitter – how gorgeous.

For now I am going to speed through this section, as it’s a teaching moment on it’s own – for now take it as inspiration

Now mascara – the second technique. Place the brush on the lash, go left right left right and pull, then repeat.

I hope this technique has been useful, it has changed the way foundation sits on my face.

This video is part one, part two is me taking off my makeup only using cleanser, Makeup remover who?

That is me. Have a lovely day, until next time.

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