Is Skin Positivity Enough? Acne healing and the mindset that follows.

The family is here to help bring freedom to South Africans fighting acne. With the harsh realities that acne warriors face, we believe there is more to acne healing than just what you place on your skin. We believe in a minimal skincare routine, focusing on scientifically approved products, and a freedom mindset towards acne. 

Your attitude towards acne can play a big role in your healing. The panic that washes over you when facing acne can cripple your healing. Acne freedom comes from using safe, scientific, and dermatologically tested products coupled with a healthy mindset towards yourself. At, we believe in skin positivity but would rather have you lean on a freedom mindset instead of just a positive mindset. 

What is a freedom mindset with acne?

A freedom mindset means having control over the situation in your life that holds you back. You don’t have control over your acne, but you can control how you view acne. Ultimately, you have control of your mindset. 

On the other hand, positivity is hope or optimism towards the situation. It means having a good point of view, knowing things will change. We want more for you than just pie-in-the-sky thinking. We want you to choose freedom and work towards believing these truths about yourself:

  • I am beautiful/handsome, no matter what my skin looks like. 
  • I understand that acne fluctuates but who I am is here to stay.
  • I know that my beauty cannot be taken away.
  • My mindset around acne is where my freedom lies.
  • I am empowered despite my skin condition.

A freedom mindset does not undermine the shame, embarrassment, and loneliness that comes with acne relapse. Instead, it walks alongside it. Knowing you can feel shame and work towards shame-free living. You can feel embarrassed but work on your confidence and still live courageously. Freedom comes from working with what you are feeling and not hiding from it. 

Our generation suffers from perfectionism. Having an unrealistic desire for our skin to be perfect all the time. There are consequences to this mindset: bad and hasty decision-making. For example, continuously trying new skincare routines trending on social media without giving your old routine time to work. Or trying a new skincare range each month without waiting for the other range to work.

Finding products that work consistently can be a difficult task. Especially when you’re bombarded with new and trending skincare products every time you open your phone. We have seen over and over again that our products work. 

When trying a new acne treatment, you have to give it a minimum of three months to work. I know you are thinking, “Woah, that is a long time!” But in the long run, giving your skincare products sufficient time to work will save you money and anguish.

Helpful acne treatment consists of three components: 

1. Disinfectant

2. Exfoliation

3. Balancing/fatty cream

These three products work together to rid your skin of months of bacteria buildup and ingrown hairs that sit in your skin. During this process, “Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better,” comes to mind.  

A good skincare range gets rid of your current acne and prevents future acne from developing. Acne is made up of a mixture of oil, facial hair, and bacteria build-up. You need to go on a process to get rid of all the debris sitting under your skin (even small acne spots you haven’t found yet). This takes time. Why? Because you’re shedding and developing new skin daily. 

When you’re shedding skin, not all of the flakes drop to the ground or fall on your clothing. Some get trapped in your pores. New skin then grows over and covers the debris, forming a pimple. So give yourself time and focus on developing a freedom mindset. It will give you the perspective and patience you need when dealing with acne and new skincare products. 

A freedom mindset gives you a sense of security, knowing that your skin is bad today, but it may not be forever. It means creating a slow, well-researched, and steady routine when healing your skin. The truth is that, due to hormones, your environment, and genetics, your healing process can take longer than you expect, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. 

The team at believes that skin is beautifully imperfect. Being neutral about acne has lifted our client’s confidence. A freedom mindset and a neutral view of your acne will also boost your confidence and reassure you that this too shall pass. 

Remember, wear your sunblock, drink lots of water, and be courageous.

Love, your friends in the skincare business. 

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