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Acne is a common problem that affects people of all ages, including teenagers. Many products on the market today have harsh chemicals, so we developed an acne treatment protocol made to be gentle yet effective against acne for people of all ages. It contains no dyes or perfumes and is free of Parabens and does not contain any GMO ingredients. 

It’s also been tested on a variety of South African skin types and suited to be used in our unique climate.

We know you’ll agree that it’s the best acne treatment protocol on the planet.

The Acne.org.za 3 step kit


First step – Cleanse. 

Get rid of excess debris of the skin. We’ve created a cleanser that removes unwanted debris, but looks after the skin’s microbiome. By protecting the microbiome, we’re allowing the skin to heal itself. 


Second step – Treat. 

The most important step of any Acne treatment. To fight the acne and reduce the reoccurance of Acne. This is the most aggressive part of the the treatment and leaves your skin vulnerable to nature’s elements. The removal of your skin’s protective layer.


Third step – Moisturise. 

Once the skin has been treated for the Acne, we need to moisturise and put back natural moisture into your skin. This is a vital step to build up the skin’s microbiome and allow the skin to heal and retain moisture.

Maintenance beyond 3 weeks


Fourth step – Maintain. 

To really see improvements to your Acne prone skin, add our Glycolic maintenance to your daily routine. This skin peel will reduce your pores preventing less debris from settling down and causing recurring Acne.

Sun Protect

Fifth step – Sun Protect. 

 We’re all about sun protection, but we know that acne-prone skin can be tricky. That’s why we made Sun protect, the first ever sunscreen that’s a tailormade for acne-prone skin.

What do our customers say...

Product feels good on my skin. Love the moisturizer. Getting breakouts every now and again but think its due to diet and hormones. The treatment dries out the acne very well.

My daughter has been using it too. Her skin was worse than mine, but looking MUCH better

These results are typically after two weeks of applying the treatment. 

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