When using products that target acne, why does my skin get worse? 

Patience is the key ingredient when it comes to your acne healing! Have you heard of the saying, “Things get worse before they get better?” This applies to acne too. Healing takes time, patience, and self-constraint. We want to help acne warriors who have tried everything but haven’t reached healing yet. In this article, we’ll […]

Dark Spots – Acne and Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is known as stress spots in the acne.org.za family. These are scars present on your skin as a result of acne. They form either from nodules or picking at your pimples, leading to trauma on the skin. No matter how your stress spots form, they are unpleasant. They can lead to insecurities about yourself.  […]

Understanding Glycolic Acid – An Acne Preventative and Maintainer

This article addresses common problems people face with Glycolic Acid and ways to introduce your skin to it. We, at ACNE.ORG.ZA, have seen the beauty industry mislead women for years by saying that perfect skin is achievable. What is perfect exactly? We believe you are beautiful as you are, and that doesn’t mean having to […]