Is Skin Positivity Enough? Acne healing and the mindset that follows.

The family is here to help bring freedom to South Africans fighting acne. With the harsh realities that acne warriors face, we believe there is more to acne healing than just what you place on your skin. We believe in a minimal skincare routine, focusing on scientifically approved products, and a freedom mindset towards […]

How to support teens who have acne

We know that supporting your children in their journey to healthy skin can be tough. In fact, we’re a local company that was inspired by parents wanting to help their children through this uncomfortable season. The parents in our community are also supportive of one another and often share what they’ve learned in helping […]

Understanding how you handle your acne can edify the state of your mind

Being in the skin industry has made me aware of how little control we have over our skin. Right from when we are young and dealing with pimples, up until we are much older and dealing with ageing. A saying I live by and often bring into my consultations are,  “You have your skin for […]