Acne Product Review: An in-depth care consultation that seemed too good to be true

As a 22-year-old, I’ve struggled with acne since puberty. After reaching out to people at and doing their care consultation, I found the experience incredibly helpful in understanding my skin’s needs — not just now but also in the future!

The questionnaire was comprehensive, and I had all my questions answered. My consultant also recommended treatment I could take advantage of immediately.

I was introduced to their 5-step skincare routine, which included products such as cleanse, treat, moisturise, sun protect and maintain. Products which will keep my skin healthy, glowing and acne free. 

They ensured I understood the importance of using a cleanser, treatment and moisturiser in my skincare routine. They also recommended that I use SPF30+ sunscreen daily to avoid sun damage.

The company’s website provided a list of all ingredients and displayed how each item should be used. I found the skincare routine easy to follow, and I could see a difference in my skin from the first application. I could eliminate my breakouts, reduce redness, and even improve my skin tone. The products are unscented and are perfect for sensitive skin. 

It’s been a few days since I started using these products, and I have never had better results from any other skincare range.

I spent a lot of time researching which ingredients and products should be used on my skin, and I found that combining these ingredients is what dermatologists recommend.

Each product in the line is unique, but when used together, they create a synergy that makes my skin look healthy and hydrated.

I love the sun protect. It doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin and blends perfectly with it, because of its ingredients: jojoba oil and coconut extract (which provides moisture).

I feel happy!

I love this product range: it makes me and my skin happy. 

A healthy glow is reflected in the mirror every day.

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