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Dear Community,

My name is Kristin Swan and I have been in the beauty industry for the past 4 years as a MakeUp artist and while enhancing woman’s beauty I have seen multiple skin types and walked with many people on their self care journey.

I am writing this letter to my fellow Acne Survivors a and sufferer’s and I want to say, I have been there and commend you for your bravery. Acne is tough, feeling less is tough and wondering when it will ever end is tiring.

I had Cystic Acne – a mixture between Comedones, Nodules and White Heads – all closed pimples that took years to heal.

Having a bad skin can be extremely hurtful, it can break down your self-esteem and your thoughts are filled with, “What would it be like if my skin was better ? “ or “I would only have confidence if “ etc but friends, remember – your looks are one aspect of you – not everything. So be kind to yourself.

Over the space of 8 years, I was prescribed – Oratane and Accutane twice, starting from age 16 to age 24. My last session on Oratane ended after 6month, as my body was screaming at me. I was in pain with being emotionally fatigued, so I decided to evaluate how I was dealing with my skin and try a more natural way to heal my skin, a space that was more based on me listening to my body, doing my own research and less about being told what to do/ what to take etc.

After battling for 15 years with multiple products/ medication and feeling overwhelmed with voices and ‘quick fix’ solutions, left me feeling left out. Why has ‘these’ product worked for so many and not me?

Now that I am older I understand that is just marketing and there are many people struggling with Acne and feeling like I have felt for the longest time.

So why am I am writing this letter to you? I have partnered with as a care consultant to support and encourage you on your skin care journey. A community that reminds you, healing acne takes time, kindness towards your self and your body is important.

During our consultation we will speak through your journey, find out what has worked or what hasn’t and where to go now? I am not here to tell you what to do but here to assist you in a painful journey.

How to get in touch?

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I cannot wait to be in your corner to support & care for you.

Your friend in the beauty industry,

Kristin Swan

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